New Jersey Basement Waterproofing

If you own a problematic basement, you may be interested in our New Jersey Basement Waterproofing services. Basements are a great feature to own in your home. They typically almost double the square footage of your home and can be used as additional living space. Unfortunately, basements are also very problematic when it comes to water problems.

Your homes landscaping may be improperly pitched, or you may be down close to the areas water table. Whatever the cause, this can lead to a moisture problems in your basement. Many people choose to ignore their basement and use it for storage only. But now there is a solution to make this extra square footage turn into additional living space. Having your basement waterproofed should be part of any successful basement renovation project. Let Old English Paving determine the best course of action during our free consult. We can investigate whether you need internal waterproofing, external waterproofing or both. We will let you know what to expect during the basement waterproofing project and give you an accurate and professional estimate.

Let Old English Paving help you make your basement more useful. We are owner operated and look forward to serving your New Jersey basement waterproofing needs!